The Right Stuff - Special Edition (1983)
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Scott Glenn Capt. Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr., Mercury Astronaut
Ed Harris Maj. John Herschel Glenn Jr., Mercury Astronaut
Dennis Quaid Capt. Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr., aka 'Gordo', 'Hot Dog', Mercury Astronaut
Fred Ward Capt. Virgil Ivan 'Gus' Grissom, Mercury Astronaut
Sam Shepard Capt/Col. Chuck Yeager, Test Pilot
Veronica Cartwright Betty Grissom
Pamela Reed Trudy Cooper
Charles Frank
Lance Henriksen
Barbara Hershey Glennis Yeager
Scott Paulin Capt. Donald Kent 'Deke' Slayton, Mercury Astronaut
Kim Stanley Pancho Barnes, Owner of Pancho's Happy Bottom Riding Club
Movie Details
Genre Adventure; Drama
Director Philip Kaufman
Writer Philip Kaufman; Tom Wolfe
Language EnglishEnglish
Audience Rating PGPG
Running Time 193 mins
Country USAUSA
Studio Warner Bros.
Internet Movie Database
Winner of 4 Academy Awards

In the middle of the 20th Century, America pondered its future-and looked to the skies. Based on Tom Wolfe's book, The Right Stuff is the tale of how the future began, a thrilling epic of intrepid test pilot Chuck Yeager and the seven pioneering astronauts of the Project Mercury space program. Philip Kaufman scripts and directs, pushing the envelope with a filmmaking bravado that matches this soaring story of training and heroism...and of sudden fame for which there is no training. Ed Harris, Barbara Hershey, Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid and Fred Ward are among the perfect cast of this winner of 4 Academy Awards that in a pristine 20th-anniversary digital transfer remains the stuff of must-see entertainment. Let's light this candle, flyboys!
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Index 482
Product Details
Region Region 1
Layers Single side, Dual layer
Subtitles English; French; Spanish
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 [CC]
FRENCH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Extra Features
Disc One
Interactive Menus
Awards Notes
Scene Access
Disc Two
Penetrating Biographical Profile John Glenn: American Hero
The Journey and the Mission: Scene-Specific Commentaries With Director/Screenwriter Philip Kaufman, Cast and Crew Members
3 Soaring Documentaries Featuring Cast, Crew and/or the Real-Life Heros Portrayed In the Movie: Realizing the Right Stuff, T-20 Years and Counting and The Real Men With the Right Stuff
13 Additional Scenes
Interactive Timeline To Space Incorporating Vintage NASA Footage
Theatrical Trailer
Documentary Scene Access