Jurassic Park - Collector's Edition (Dolby Digital) (1993)
Front Cover Actor Back Cover
Richard Attenborough John Hammond
Laura Dern Ellie Sattler
Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm
Sam Neill Alan Grant
Martin Ferrero Gennaro
Samuel L. Jackson Arnold
Wayne Knight Dennis Nedry
Joseph Mazzello Tim
Bob Peck Muldoon
Ariana Richards Lex
B.D. Wong Wu
Movie Details
Genre Horror; Sci-Fi; Adventure; Thriller; Action
Director Steven Spielberg
Writer Michael Crichton; David Koepp
Language EnglishEnglish
Audience Rating PG-13PG-13
Running Time 127 mins
Country USAUSA
Studio Universal Studios
Internet Movie Database
Director Steven Spielberg's Jurassic masterpiece is back in this Collector's Edition containing interviews and special behind-the-scenes footage.

One of the most successful films in worldwide box office history, Jurassic Park remains a most compelling and spectacular experience. This thrilling adventure features Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Richard Attenborough.

Featuring incredible special effects and action-packed drama, Jurassic Park takes you to a remote island where an amazing theme park with living dinosaurs is about to turn deadly, as five people must battle to survive among the prehistoric predators. Rediscover the breathtaking adventure you'll want to experience again and again.
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Index 318
Product Details
Region Region 1
Layers Single side, Dual layer
Subtitles Spanish
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 [CC]
FRENCH: Dolby Digital Surround

Extra Features
Direct Hotlink to the Set of Jurassic Park III
The Making of Jurassic Park
Early Pre-Production Meetings
Storyboards, Production Photographs, Design Sketches, and Conceptual Paintings
Phil Tippett Animatics: Raptors In The Kitchen
Theatrical Trailers: Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park III
Dinosaur Encyclopedia
Production Notes
Cast & Filmmakers
DVD-ROM Features Including Live Web Events