And Now for Something Completely Different * (1971)
Front Cover Actor Back Cover
Graham Chapman Brother/British pedestrian/Mr. Harrison (Apricot)/Sergeant-Major/'Hell's Grannies' policeman/Jimmy Blankensop/Sir Edward Ross/Restaurant patron #1/Letter Writer/Oliver St. John Mollusk
John Cleese Announcer/Hungarian Man/Self-Defence Teacher/Sir George Head/Policeman/Interviewer/Mr. Praline/Second General/Christopher Columbus/Mungo the Cook/Bank Robber/Accountant #2 (falling past the window)/Vocational Guidance Counselor/Vivian Smith Smythe Smith
Eric Idle Prosecutor/Marriage Counselor/Arthur Nudge/Self-defence student #4 (interested in pointed sticks)/'Hell's Grannies' analyst/Arthur Wilson/Arthur Wilson Two/Nightclub Emcee/Linkman/First General/Restaurant Manager/Lingerie Shop Owner/Accountant #1 (falling past the window)/Fairy Godmother/Rita Fairbanks/Simon Zinc Trumpet Harris
Terry Jones Stage Manager/Tobacconist/2nd Hungarian Man/Squire/Self-defence student #3/Tenant #1 (voice)/Flasher/Mouse Organist Ken Ewing/Fat Soldier/Waiter/Nude Organist/Brian/Nigel Incubator Jones
Michael Palin Man with tape recorder/Phrasebook Author/Arthur Pewtey/Self-defence student #2/Tenant #2/Lost His Wallet/Shrill Petrol Announcer (voice)/Milkman/Ernest Scribbler/Bevis (pet shop employee/lumberjack)/Headwaiter Gilberto/Herbert Anchovy/Gervais Brookhamster
Terry Gilliam Self-defence nun/Uncle Sam/Caterpillar man/Sign holder
Carol Cleveland Dierdre Pewtey/Storyteller/Milkman Collector/Restaurant Patron #2/Elsbeth
Connie Booth Best Girl
Neville Chamberlain Himself (with Munich Accord) (archive footage) (uncredited)
Winston Churchill Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Movie Details
Genre Comedy
Director Ian MacNaughton
Producer Patricia Casey
Writer Graham Chapman; John Cleese
Language EnglishEnglish
Audience Rating PGPG
Running Time 85 mins
Country UKUK
Internet Movie Database
An anthology of Monty Python's best sketches from their 1st & 2nd seasons of their original TV show.
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Index 38
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Region Region 1